Remembering Dean Martin And His Career

When he began getting noticed, Sammy suggested he change his name to Dean Martin, which he did.. Things progressed to the point where he began taking on acting jobs, not because of the money, but so he could learn to act. Dean Martin grew up in Steubenville Ohio, with the original name Dino Paul Crocetti. He then began singing with local bands, calling himself Dino Martini. One night in August of 1934 when he was the age of seventeen, Dino’s friends pushed him up on stage to sing, and the rest is history.

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DVDHunters ( from the web, sell and buy dvd’s dean martin show. Their first performance of the night was not liked, and they were told that if their performance was not better that night, they would be fired. They decided to drop everything and make it up as they went. He had other various jobs such as a liquor bootleg deliverer, service station attendant, a shoe-shine boy, a store clerk, a steel-mill worker, and blackjack dealer in an illegal casino.

He broke his nose in a gloveless boxing match, which was later fixed, but also suffered a split lip the rest of his life. His parents were immigrants from Italy so Dean spoke only Italian for the first five years of his life. They concluded with Jerry chasing Dean off the stage throwing bread rolls. His movie career totaled fifty one films.

Dean married in nineteen forty one and four kids later got divorced in nineteen forty nine because of constant physical abuse to his wife.

Eventually he was introduced to Sammy Watkins who invited him to sing in his town. His career culminated with The Dean Martin Show, which was a big success for over a decade. Martin died of lung cancer in nineteen ninety five on Christmas day.

A few years later Martin chanced upon a performance with Jerry Lewis, who he had only performed with once previously. They were then invited to the Copacabana. Jerry kept interrupting him by dropping plates, and anything he could to get a laugh from the audience. This time however would change his history forever. Jerry came out on stage as a busboy while Dean began singing. Art Gib is a freelance writer.

He eventually became great friends with Frank Sinatra and later became part of the Rat Pack. He played the drums as a teenager, took up a job as a boxer, and because he thought he knew more than his teachers, he dropped out of high school in the tenth grade Read More

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 A book made especially for


Faith was also her school’s Sports Reporter.  The local newspaper ran a story on Faith.  The article highlighted her skills, or should I say gifts.

She knew the stats of most of the baseball players of the past.  She had heroes in most every sport.  Her team favorites were too numerous to list.  Faith was more into individual players than whole teams anyway.


Co-starring Monica J W

Faith J K


And Other Bronze books by 


You’re Out!

A Girl Adventure

Jamar A I



Coming to a Theater Near You


One day a local newspaper editor had stopped by the house to talk to Faith’s parents.  “Would you allow me to speak to your daughter, Faith, about doing a kids’ sport column for our paper.”


This story about Faith inspired other young people to do their very best in whatever vocation they chose to pursue. They were catered to the child’s interest and were made specifically for that particular Grandchild for Christmas giving. 


The Plane that Refused to Fly

a book made especially for 


Trinity M KW



a hat.  The word spread like wildfire.  A young girl inspired by the many sports she loved, would go on to greater fame.  The biggest surprise came when the National Football League called the house.  They were looking

Faith enjoyed playing different sports in school.  She equally enjoyed watching sports. She could remember every call of every game she watched. Faith was a remarkable girl and was fast becoming a real sports icon, especially around her neck of the woods.


“Are you serious?”  The mother was surprised but thrilled for her daughter.  The column was a hit and the girl really did know her sports statistics.  It wasn’t long before her school drafted her to officiate at school games and she was calling the shots at each home game; all sports.

Storyteller – Don Ford

Then the radio began hosting the “Little Bit of Faith” show.  This knocked the sox off both of her parents.  Their little girl wasn’t little anymore, especially in the eyes of her classmates and neighbors in her town.

A book made especially for 


A book made especially for .  

by Don Ford



The largest radio station in town read the clip on Faith’s accomplishments.  

A Bit of Faith


A Bit of Faith


Brody M K




for an apprentice announcer for games held in the Northeast.


a book made especially for 

Another Who-Done-It


It was impossible to keep such a story under 

When the parents told them over the phone that Faith was only seven, they apologized for calling.  “Please call us when she is nearing graduation from High School.  We would like to talk to her then about a possible career.” 

and made especially for her


Carson D A

I have done ten of these story chapbooks recently Read More

Parkinson’s Drug Tied to Gambling Addiction

Joe Neglia was a retired government intelligence worker with Parkinson’s disease (search) when he suddenly developed what he calls a gambling habit from hell.

After losing thousands of dollars playing slot machines near his California home several times a day for nearly two years, Neglia stumbled across an Internet report linking a popular Parkinson’s drug he used with compulsive gambling.

“I thought, ‘Oh my God, this must be it,”‘ he said. Three days after stopping the drug, Mirapex (search), “all desire to gamble just went away completely. I felt like I had my brain back.”

A Mayo Clinic study published Monday in July’s Archives of Neurology describes 11 other Parkinson’s patients who developed the unusual problem while taking Mirapex or similar drugs between 2002 and 2004. Doctors have since identified 14 additional Mayo patients with the problem, said lead author Dr. M. Leann Dodd, a Mayo psychiatrist.

“It’s certainly enough for us to be cautious as we are using it,” Dodd said. “We wouldn’t want them to have some kind of financial ruin or difficulties that could be prevented.”

Dr. Leo Verhagen, a Parkinson’s specialist at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center who was not involved in the study, said he and some colleagues all have a few patients who developed compulsive gambling while taking Mirapex, a drug that relieves tremors and stiffness. The behavior usually disappears when the drug dose is lowered, Verhagen said. He praised the Mayo article for raising awareness for doctors and patients.

Neglia, 54, now living in Millersville, Md., was not treated at Mayo or involved in the study. He said the problem is underreported “because of the embarrassment factor” and is one of several patients suing manufacturer Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc., accusing the company of failing to adequately warn patients about the potential side effects.

California attorney Daniel Kodam, who filed the lawsuit last year, said he’s spoken with more than 200 Mirapex patients who developed compulsive behaviors, including excessive gambling, sex and shopping. He is seeking to have the complaint certified as a nationwide class-action lawsuit. A similar suit has been filed in Canada, Kodam said.

Neglia said he has contacted the Food and Drug Administration but that the agency has failed to act on numerous adverse reaction reports about Mirapex. An FDA spokeswoman said the agency is examining the reports to determine if there’s any connection to the drug but declined to say how many it has received.

Katherine King O’Connor, a spokeswoman for the Ridgefield, Conn.-based Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals (search), said there’s no scientific evidence that Mirapex causes the problem. Still, the company revised Mirapex’s package insert earlier this year to include compulsive behavior among potential side effects after receiving “rare” reports — all after the drug was approved for U.S. use in 1997, O’Connor said.

Mirapex was among top-selling Parkinson’s drugs last year, with more than $200 million in U.S. sales, according to IMS Health, a pharmaceutical information and consulting firm.

Mirapex, or pramipexole, reduces tremors and the slow, stiff movements that are a hallmark of Parkinson’s disease. It belongs to a class of drugs that mimic the effects of dopamine (search), a brain chemical that controls movement and is deficient in Parkinson’s disease.

Mirapex targets dopamine receptors in a brain region associated with emotions that include pleasure and reward-seeking behavior, Dodd said. It can also cause extreme sudden sleepiness.

It is sometimes used alone or with the mainstay Parkinson’s drug, levodopa.

Though a few of the Mayo patients took related drugs, Dodd said most used Mirapex. They included a 68-year-old man who lost more than $200,000 at casinos over six months and a 41-year-old computer programmer who became “consumed” with Internet gambling, losing $5,000 within a few months.

Dodd said Mayo doctors now ask patients using the drugs if they have suddenly taken up gambling. Affected patients are usually switched to different drugs or doses, and the result is often dramatic, “like a light switch being turned off when they stopped the drug,” she said. Read More

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