The 2015 Mobile Online Gambling Takeover Is a Game Changer

A recent study by the United Nations stated that more people now have access to smartphones than have access to flush toilets. (Image:

Ultimately, the mobile gaming revolution could be more accurately expressed as a cross-platform revolution, as operators with their finger on the pulse acknowledge that the future is essentially multi-platform.

Their challenge is to deliver a dynamic user experience across all devices, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Social game developers are about constantly finding new and absorbing ways to engage their customers, and entertainment and innovation are key. Social casinos have also exerted a positive influence on traditional online casinos, as gambling companies devote their resources to developing games for both sectors, with some of the innovation of social rubbing off on the more traditional genre.

This highlights the potential for growth of the smartphone market, and explains why mobile betting is becoming increasingly integrated by operators into the betting shop experience. The gradual rolling out of 4G connectivity across the world means that m88 mobile gaming is becoming increasingly convenient.

Driven largely by this shifting revolution, the global mobile gambling market will grow by 18.36 percent during the same period.

Casino games are now accessible to demographics that would never visit a land-based casino, and online casinos in particular are becoming increasingly popular with women. This means that theres a huge untapped market out there for gambling companies. As well as adopting social aspects, online casinos, particularly slots-based sites, are beginning to experiment with some of technical innovation of social casinos in exciting new ways, enhancing the overall user experience.

The rapid advancement in mobile technology, meanwhile, means that we can now play better games with fewer connectivity issues. Smartphone uptake has been unstoppable over the last few years. According to the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, more than eight out of ten UK 18-to-36 year olds have a smartphone and nearly half have a tablet.

Land-Based Mobile Integration

Even in a developed market like the UK, mobile betting still only accounts for around a third of bets placed. (And, hopefully, companies that build flush toilets).

We are in the midst of a mobile online gambling revolution, and its still growing.

Mobile gaming takeover 2015Mobile online gambling is expected to grow by 43.08 percent from 2014 to 2019, and operators are following suit with their gaming offerings. According to Research and Markets, more than 60 percent of UK women who participated in gambling activities said they prefer online gambling over traditional gambling.

Enhanced User Experience

In 2015, more casino apps were downloaded than ever before, driven by the rise in social casino gaming on mobile. Mobile is also seen by operators as a valuable tool for attracting and retaining customers and 2015 saw an increase in cross-marketing between the mobile and land-based betting.

Mobile betting is particularly strong in the UK market, where smartphone penetration has reached well over 60 percent and sports betting has become a far more culturally accepted pastime. The vast majority of gamblers still prefer to use high street bookmaking shops.

Fueled by factors as the popularity of in-play sports betting and the rise of social casino gaming, revenue for the global mobile gambling market is expected to grow by 43.08 percent in terms of total annual wagers from 2014 to 2019, according to a study this year by Research and Markets. Read More

Social Betting

m88 in the meantime, every time the chips pile high in the betting circle, our probabilities of winning are just a bit lower than 50-50. BMW was the first European car builder to adapt head-up display know-how – a system initially deployed in aviation and always additional developed over a number of decades – to be used in quantity-manufacturing autos. Since January 2004, this innovative driver help system has been an integral a part of BMW ConnectedDrive offered for the BMW 5 Series. The longer a web site is on-line the higher it is for SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING ( search engine optimisation ) as the length of time a site has been live counts rather a lot in the direction of it is ranking by search engines.

Most gamblers are random bettors, in order that they have little hope of a fast recovery as soon as bad timing has dumped them into a deep hole, and the harder they wrestle, the deeper they sink. The best way to construct confidence in Target is follow, practice and more apply against games that will not value you a cent. , a non-revenue organization. In any other case there would be no point in going forward with a membership service. Here’s a screenshot from a single iteration of a verifiable random sim which does not rely on a suicidal half-wit to behave as no real particular person ever would.. We’ll start with the perimeters, which, sadly, continue to have that faux-steel finish. We firmly consider that upgrading to an actual metallic band (at least throughout the premium Galaxy models) would give them a way more premium really feel. This can be a actual shame. Persistently further developed and optimised, it’s now a full-color head-up display and optionally accessible for nearly all series.

Please enter your full, unabbreviated first title or given identify as it appears in your ID similar to your driver’s license.

While the overall look is likely to be little more than a mild therapeutic massage of a tried-and-true system, there are a few differences which are worth mentioning. On the very least, it’d spare plenty of dissatisfied sighs from folks after selecting up these devices for the primary time.

Textual content is offered underneath the Artistic Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; further phrases may apply. Due to this fact earlier than I even thought-about charging folks for ideas I had to show to my readers, and myself, that the techniques labored. By utilizing this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privateness Coverage Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Basis, Inc. The first thing you want to do, even when your not ready to go dwell, is get your horse racing site up on-line as quickly as potential – even if it has hardly any content material or seems to be garbage Read More

Sports Betting Arbitrage – Win Every Time You Bet

m88 apply the knowledge of arbitrage to hundreds of sporting

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Did you know that there are now several thousands of online

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Apple Pay bets big on digital wallets

m88 “we’re thrilled to support Apple Pay to streamline how our guests pay in the Target app – this absolutely makes purchasing from Target’s mobile app easier than ever.”

Gartner analyst Avivah Litah said the payment system will only succeed if major retailers get behind it. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services, said credit card information will be stored on the phone via a secure chip and payments will use a one-time security code. In addition, consumer adoption of Apple Pay remains uncertain.

Contactless payment isn’t new: Retailers like Starbucks and McDonald’s already have their own contactless payment system in stores, and Apple Pay is similar to Google Inc.’s Google Wallet, which is available on Android smartphones and iPhones. Wal-Mart said it has no plans to participate. Many Android phones already have a near-field communication antenna, but iPhones have not until now. Apple Pay is designed to let iPhone 6 owners use their smartphones to pay for purchases at brick-and-mortar stores as well as online via apps. In stores, the system uses a technology called near-field communication, which allows mobile phones to communicate with other devices at close range. It’s also set to work with the Apple Watch when that debuts in 2015.

“A cashier doesn’t see your name, credit card number or security code,” when you pay with Apple Pay, Cue said. Apple’s security features are a plus for merchants, but it’s not clear if that will be enough.

“It’s 50-50 if merchants will get on board,” she said. All Rights Reserved. “The important part is that it’s Apple. did not respond to a request for comment. The Find My iPhone service can erase the data if the phone gets lost or stolen – canceling a card will not be necessary. The company says it’s easier and more secure than using a credit or debit card. About 15 percent of smartphones are iPhones, according to research firm IDC.

“Apple doesn’t know what you bought, where you bought it or how much you paid,” he said. Apple said department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales, drugstores including Walgreen’s and Duane Reade, and other stores including McDonald’s, Staples, Subway and Whole Foods are participating in Apple Pay.

“Apple Pay will forever change the way we pay for things,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

So-called mobile proximity payments are expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. Retailers will need to invest in updating their cash registers and point-of-sale units. And it puts Apple in direct competition with services like PayPal and Google Wallet.

CNET has complete coverage of the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch.

Apple is betting that people want to pay with a tap of the phone rather than a swipe of the card.

The service will be available beginning in October. He also said Apple won’t track people’s financial data.

The announcement came as Apple introduced several new products including a new, larger iPhone 6 and a wearable smartwatch, called Apple Watch. Still, consumers will have to weigh the convenience of not pulling out a card with the possible danger of storing important financial information on their phones, particularly as retailers like Target and Home Depot report data breaches, and hackers crack celebrities’ iCloud accounts.

“We know mobile is becoming the front door to Target, and we’re focused on creating the best possible mobile experiences for our guests,” Senior Vice President Jason Goldberger said in a statement. We’ve been waiting for them to get into this.”

But some of the largest retailers are not participating.

“It’s not that different than what other mobile wallets have done,” he said. “The security aspects are attractive, but it’s not clear if the security features alone are going to be enough of a selling point.”

© 2014 The Associated Press. But Apple Pay adds some security features and makes a digital wallet option more accessible for iPhone users. “That transaction is between you, your merchant and your bank.”

“Businesses and consumers don’t want to be restricted to a particular device or hardware,” he said.

“That said, Apple has raised the bar for the digital wallet category, not only for offline point-of-sale but potentially also for m-commerce, which is more directly competitive with PayPal today,” he said.

. Citi Investment Research analyst Mark May said they could grow from $1 billion in 2013 to $58.4 billion by 2017. Users will pay by holding a phone close to a contactless reader with their finger on the touch ID fingerprint system. The service will be able to store Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit card information.

Citi analyst May said eBay Inc.’s PayPal is the closest competitor to Apple Pay, but PayPal shouldn’t be overly concerned since near-field communication and digital wallet payments are less than 1 percent of its business. And Target said it is currently participating only via its app.

For its part, PayPal’s chief product officer, Hill Ferguson, emphasized PayPal’s relationships with merchants and customer service, and the fact that it can work across devices.

IDC analyst James Wester said the move is in some ways Apple playing catch up to Google Wallet, but that the system uses Apple’s fingerprint technology is a plus.

The technology company on Tuesday introduced a new digital wallet service called Apple Pay that is integrated with its Passbook credential-storage app and its fingerprint ID security system.

Apple addressed security concerns Tuesday, saying Apple Pay is even safer than using a plastic card

Learn More Read More

ASIANOW – Is sun setting on Stanley Ho’s regional empire?

fun88 this would be dangerous,” Stanley Ho, who is not related to the chief executive, told the Far East Economic Review.

Various news agencies have reported that calls for

competition within the industry have been growing, and there

has been speculation Beijing could impose tight controls on

the sector to combat gang violence, which many have suggested

is an offshoot of gambling.

“There is too much economic power concentrated in the hands

of STDM,” Macau legislator Ng Kuok-cheng told the Review. “Most Macau people feel there should be more


Ho’s business interests outside Macau are managed by Shun Tak

Holdings, which is listed in Hong Kong. He controls Sociedade de Turismo e

Diversoes de Macau (STDM), an umbrella company for many of his holdings.

December 18, 1999

Web posted at: 10:09 a.m. HKT (0209 GMT)

Stanley Ho, born into a distinguished family in 1921 in Hong

Kong, started working as a clerk in a Japanese-owned import-

export firm in Macau. In 1961, his brother-in-law, Teddy Yip,

offered him a partnership in a company set up to bid for a

casino franchise in Macau.

Ho has investments in North Korea, Vietnam and the

Philippines. The company’s revenues fell 18 percent to $2 billion — attributed in part to the Asian financial crisis — during the same period. Ho developed the new harbor and helped shape

Macau’s reputation as a gateway to neighboring economic zones

in China.

He won the trust of his employers and was named a partner

within the year.

Higher unemployment, he added, would also occur as casinos

cut staff to spend more money on incentives for gamblers.

STDM recorded $231 million in net profits in 1998, a 50

percent drop from 1997, the Review reported. Ho reportedly earned $29 million in dividends in 1997 and $14 million in 1998.

Stanley Ho, who has enjoyed a monopoly on Macau’s gaming

industry for more than 35 years, may soon find himself facing

the greatest odds of his career.

Ho — commonly referred to as “Sun Gor,” or “big brother Sun”

– is one of Asia’s wealthiest men. His net worth is

estimated at $2.8 billion. He also owns the

world’s largest fleet of jetfoils, which is used as a ferry

shuttle service between Macau and Hong Kong.

. He had fled his home after Hong Kong

fell to the Japanese in 1941.

The 78-year-old, self-made billionaire, who sat on many

important committees created to oversee Macau’s return to

China, could lose his grip on the region’s economy and power


Ho’s gambling monopoly in the region, which he won in

1961, is set to expire in 2001 and his friend Edmund Ho, who

will become the enclave’s first chief executive on December

20, hasn’t said if that license will be renewed.

The Far Eastern Economic Review reported in its December 9 edition that Ho is nervous about Macau’s return to China. He also owns several of Macau’s landmarks —

including casinos, hotels and the complex that houses the territory’s largest department store — as well as large stakes in the horse racing and lottery action.

Macau Handover

“If there is more than one licensee, there will be fighting

between the two licensees.

The company, later named STDM, won the bid with the highest

offer plus promises to promote tourism and build


The Review reported Edmund Ho is expected to renew Stanley Ho’s gambling license, perhaps to 2010, to ensure government revenues aren’t reduced, and to allow the region’s government time to ensure the competence of potential operators.

He also told the Review greater competition within the

industry would cut deeply into government revenues because

the casinos would slash betting prices to attract customers

More info here Read More

Get Smarter By Knowing the Different Types of Governments That Exist

This is how a timocracy turns into an oligarchy, where riches are concentrated in the hands of a few.

Plato also highlights problems an oligarchy will face as a result of this divide.

? The rich men will consolidate power and wealth leaving the poor desperate for social emancipation, causing them to rebel against the oligarchs.

Like before, Plato says that the oligarch can be the son of a timocratic king, but without the love of honor and integrity that the latter possessed. ? Also, the threat from foreign aggressors may be greater, as the governing class, due to their far lesser numbers will be unable to amass a huge army, they will be reluctant to arm the oppressed working class too, fearing a revolt.

Although the aristocratic form of government as described by Plato expressly forbids the king from owning property (his needs are satisfied by the voluntary contributions of his people) the kings in a timocracy and oligarchy are allowed to do so. He is more in tune with materialism and gives in wholeheartedly to the accumulation of money and riches. The laws are therefore changed to enable only the ruling class to hold great wealth, thereby guaranteeing their supremacy over the worker class. They accumulate wealth and spend it, often in excess, leading to a dependence on monetary policy and increase in the demand of wealth in the general population. However, he is also astute as he knows mindless spending can bring even a rich man to his knees and is therefore, moderate in his pursuit of materialistic pleasures. Read More

Horse Racing Betting Strategies and Tips

Across The Board Bet) – Bets on the first, second, and third place finishers; each act as a separate bet.

Place Bet – A bet that the horse you chose will come in second (a place bet is also a winning bet if the horse you chose comes in first).

While there are a variety of bets, the following are the most common bets, and are more than enough for beginners. For example, instead of paying $2 for an Exacta bet that requires the horses to finish in an exact first and second place order, you can pay $4 for an Exacta Box bet, and you will win the Exacta bet regardless of which of the two horses comes in first.

Show Bet – A bet that the horse you chose will come in third (a show bet is also a winning bet if the horse you chose comes in first or second).

To place a $2 Exacta Box bet on horse 2 and 5, you would say, “<Track Name>, $2 Exacta Box on Numbers 2 and 5″ (keep in mind that this is actually a $4 bet since you are boxing the bet).

The reason why you need to start out with the <Track Name> is because you can bet on horse races at many tracks from the horse track you are currently at, so you need to specify the track to the betting clerk.

Exacta Bet – A bet on the exact first and second place finishers in exact order.

Daily Double Bet – A bet on the first place finishers in two consecutive races.

Win, Place, and Show Bet (a.k.a. At this point, some people like to spend some time on the paddock to see the horses being walked from the stable to the track, as it adds to the horse racing experience and occasionally one might notice something about a horse that influences the way they bet, such as a horse that appears sluggish or one that seems like it is in exceptional shape.

Win Bet – A bet that the horse you chose will win the race.

Trifecta Bet – A bet on the exact first, second, and third place finishers in exact order.

To place a $2 Win bet on horse number 7, you would say, “<Track Name>, $2 to Win on Number 7″.

Box Bet – Any of the above bets can be boxed for an additional wager. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.

The following is the correct way to place a bet with a betting clerk:. The point is to have fun, not to go home without money you need to pay your bills. To keep things fun and not risk too much money, most beginners make $2 bets.

Once you have taken the time to look over the racing program and the professionals’ advice, it is time to start figuring out which bets you would like to place for the upcoming race Read More

List of Hobby Ideas

That way, you will enjoy it much more and to the fullest.

Contemporary art

Coloring pages

Figure skating



Racing sports cars




Internet shopping


Wedding photography

Dog training




Making gift baskets

Interior décor

Human evolution

Home decorating

Internet radio

Sudoku puzzles

Amusement parks



American history

Hip hop dance

Social networking



Face painting

Creating wall art

Listening to online music

Learning foreign languages


Space exploration


Landscape photography

Ballet dancing

Speed skating

Designing ponds or water fountains

Comic books


Candle making

Ice skating

Portrait photography


Studying dream interpretations

Salsa dancing

Horse riding

Sports photography

Indian dance styles

Aerobic exercises

The following list is composed of a variety of hobbies for men, women, and kids of all ages. Most people assume that typically, a majority of women will be interested in knitting or sewing as a hobby. For many, collecting postage stamps can be an enjoyable pastime, whereas for others, the interest lies in a variety of extreme sports such as snowboarding down icy mountain slopes. Let it be a way of achieving inner satisfaction, peace of mind, and experiencing happiness. Now whichever hobby you may be interested in, it is essential to pursue it either for pleasure, enjoyment, leisure, or an altogether different degree of happiness and satisfaction.


Generic Hobbies

Detailed List

There is a popular saying which goes, “Lucky are those who have time after work for pursuing their hobby, but luckiest are those for whom work itself is a hobby”. Spiritual healing






Exploring online forums

Having a birdhouse


Feng shui

American football

Charity work


Instant messaging

Body piercing

Online games

Flower arrangements

Patio decorating

Generally speaking, there are many types of hobbies that we get to see around us. But is that all the list should include? Surely there has to be a larger variety of hobbies out there. On that note, let us have a look at a comprehensive hobbies list, and one which includes a diverse list of hobbies and interests for people of all ages – children, adults, elders, retired citizens, etc.

Generic Hobbies

Ham radios

Motorcycle racing

Internet TV


Ballroom dancing


Party planning


Tap dance

Metal art


Online chatting

Dinosaurs and fossils

Space travel


Making clay sculptures

Geography and geology

Jewelry making

Mountain biking



Belly dancing




Bird watching



Snow skiing

Stamp collecting

Hang gliding

Cake decorating

Online auctions


Irish dancing

Ancient history

Digital photography

Beading. As we don’t wish to discriminate against an individual’s choice of hobbies, we thought of listing them in an alphabetical order.

Aerial photography


Martial arts

Playing board games


Playing PC games



Latin dance

A hobby is an activity that we all love and enjoy. Regardless of the hobby (or hobbies) you select, try not to look at it as a way of filling your pocket. However, there are some daredevils out there who love to ride motorcycles as well. Why don’t we go over a more specific list, shall we?

A Detailed List of Hobbies

Palmistry and numerology

Hot air balloon rides

Sports betting

Powerboat racing


Playing video games

Nude photography


Online trading

Wildlife photography

Crystal healing

Treasure hunting

Coin collection

Paper crafts

Jet skiing

Internet home businesses

River rafting


Card games


Leather crafts




Architectural photography

Parachute jumps



Event planning


Street racing

Black & white photography

RV camping

Wet plate photography

Magic and optical illusions

Rock climbing

Kite flying

Break dance

Handcrafted jewelry

Bungee jumping

Handwriting analysis

Casino games



Roman history


Greek mythology

Snowmobile racing

Learning tarot card reading

Mountain expeditions

Scuba diving





Running and jogging



Lawn care

Disney vacations


Exploring caves

That was a long, long list of hobbies, wasn’t it? Before signing off, I leave you with a little bit of parting advice. Arts and crafts, sports, performing arts, culinary arts, social service, gardening, traveling, collecting souvenirs, etc., are a few things that come to mind when we think of the word ‘hobbies’ Read More

Surprisingly Versatile Benefits of Playing Sports You Never Knew

You need to devise ways to score goals, runs or earn points, as the case may be. Sports teach you to think with a cool head. Those who engage in sports activities are less prone to depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders.

The Bigger Picture

Playing sports is very beneficial for the development of social skills. Games that involve running, kicking or throwing a ball help strengthen the arms and legs; for example soccer and cricket. all a part of playing sports. Studies show that kids who play sports regularly fare well in academics and do well in school.

Playing sports reduces several health risks. As developments are undertaken in cities hosting sports events, sports can lead to urbanization of rural areas. They involve competition; they involve winning and losing. Sports often involve physical activities like running, jumping, stretching and moving about which turn out to be a good body workout. Sports build a competitive spirit in children and teach them to be participative irrespective of whether the result is victory or defeat. Those who play sports have a more positive body image than those who do not. And there is no match to the happiness this brings. Playing sports, you can’t be sad. Playing sports reduces the risk of hypertension and several other stress-related disorders. I know anyone would agree with this. Swimming provides a full body workout. It requires you to strategize. Research shows that people who play sports regularly can deal with stresses and strains in a better way.

Playing sports is something most of us love, isn’t it? Undoubtedly, sports are a fun activity but they offer several health benefits too. The most important benefit of sports is the sportsman spirit they inculcate. They improve your physical and psychological health; physical because sports involve exercise and psychological because playing is something you enjoy, it’s something that relaxes your mind. International sports events foster patriotism and a feeling of oneness among the team members of a country. They help develop leadership qualities and foster team spirit in kids. In other words, sports are a form of exercise which generates happiness molecules in your body, thus restoring your mental health. You need to devise strategies to win, you need to decide whether to take an offensive stand or a defensive one. Sports parks are being developed in many tourist destinations. Sports that involve aiming and hitting skills, for example, tennis, badminton, baseball and cricket help them increase focus. Many cities have started becoming hubs for sports tourism. As sports serve as an excellent form of exercise, it won’t come as a surprise that they offer health benefits like lowering blood pressure, maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reducing other health risks. This exposes children to both aspects of life, successes and failures. Engaging in sports since an early age strengthens your bones and muscles and tones your body. Yes, if you are playing a sport regularly, you are at a lesser risk of developing diabetes or heart diseases. Sports teach you to interact with people, communicate with them and collaborate as a team. They are a good source of both exercise and entertainment.

Psychological Benefits

Research shows that sports improve Math skills in children. Sports are a good combination of recreation and exercise. Sports help enhance your personality. Winning a game gives you a sense of accomplishment, which boosts your confidence further.

# They encourage you to give your best every time.

# They help build your planning and analytical skills and increase concentration.

# Sports boost confidence.

# They build leadership and team skills.

Sports make you happy. They give you the high by increasing the production of endorphins in the brain. It is the increasing inclination for playing sports which is responsible for such developments.

Sports serve as an excellent physical exercise. Something so advantageous is worth investing time in. Jumping about, running around, racing to get ahead, hitting, throwing, bouncing, kicking (the ball), shouting, clapping, cheering, falling and standing up again… Sports help you become more sporting, more positive and stronger.

Regular exercise that is achieved through sports leads to an improvement in the overall health thus improving the quality of life. Sports build confidence. Playing some sport regularly goes a long way in maintaining your physical and mental well-being. Sports that involve jumping and stretching help increase height; for example basketball. So go hit the ground today. Playing sports is energy put to good use. Thus sports provide the body with complete exercise and engaging in sports directly translates into overall fitness.

# Achieve social integration

# Lead to infrastructural developments

# Create employment opportunities

# Boost the tourism industry

# Increased strength and stamina

# Better body shape and increased agility

# They help burn calories and shed those extra pounds.

# They give the body a good exercise.

Playing sports involves directed thinking. It helps you increase your stamina and endurance. Playing sports teaches them to accept both successes and failures with a positive spirit. Play!

Physical Benefits

When sports are played at the state or national level, they increase the players’ sense of belonging to their community or country. Sports foster collective thinking and harness your planning and delegation skills too. This definitely involves clever thinking, which sports encourage. In fact, they bust the sorrow and the stress. You need to judge your opponent’s strategy and modify yours accordingly. Sports generate a positive energy in you, around you.. Playing sports at these levels opens many employment avenues for not only sportsmen and women but also people who join tournaments as volunteers, cheerleaders or in the capacity of sports doctors and physical therapists Read More

Sports :: How to Make Money Betting on Horse Racing

You will find that most horse racing blogs are moderated and maintained by experts who have developed reliable handicapping systems and are more than willing to share secrets with subscribers. In addition, track the performance of each horse and knowing whether the performance of the horse is improving with maturity or declining with age. In addition, I suggest that you concentrate on only one or two race tracks every horse betting season. You will also need to know how each horse performs in a variety of weather and track conditions and whether there is a synergy between the horse and a particular jockey. I spend my time knowing the Southern California race tracks. I do not use a computer software to make money on betting on horse racing. I use “How to ‘Place Bet’ on Favorites for a Living” by Mohammed Ali. In addition, I suggest using a system that has been proven. You might also read online blogs about horse racing in order to make money by betting on horse racing. You will find the “Daily Racing Form” available at most newsstands, at horse racing venues and by direct-mail subscription as well as online downloads.

Make money betting on horse racing by learning how to handicap the horses properly by reading the articles on this site. By handicapping the horses and race conditions and studying the various mathematical models, you may make money betting on horse racing.

Finally, use online resources, such as TwinSpires, to make bets online and receive free tips on handicapping

In addition, I suggest that you review all race results on a regular basis by studying copies of the “Daily Racing Form.” This newspaper can be instrumental in teaching you how to handicap properly and win more money. In addition, many of these blogs feature online-discussion forums on which you can swap information about effective betting methods and systems.

While there is no guarantee that anyone will win consistently by betting on horse races, recent developments in computer software and handicapping methods have reduced the amount of financial risk Read More

Casino-Gaming :: Basic Information Regarding Blackjack

If your hand of the gamer grows to 21, this is called blackjack. The user can lose either by busting or if the dealer’s hand is much more detailed 21. Black jack Tutorial

Ever in your life played Black jack? That is considered a counting game where every cards are given their appropriate numeric value. Value of the blackjack is 1.5 events from the bet knowning that suggests a bet of $120 will give you a $170 win. A card with the dealer has one card uncovered so your gamers can easily see. hand is usually similar to 21. The first part of twenty-one is the dealer handing out Two cards to every one from the gamers and finally, to him self. They 2-10 are valued as is while the face cards are offered value of 10. It is about you beating the casino dealer in the game.

Twenty-one Rules

The player is allowed to take just as much cards as he wants but he has to be wary about busting or groing through the quantity 21.Care and strategic planning is necessary to prevent busting while ensuring is at your closest value to 21. It doesn’t matter just what the other players have. It simply gets a push if another card is a twenty-one 10-Ace. All of the cards of your gamers are facing exactly the same way, either down or up according to the rules on the table. Blackjack is all about beating your house. The main idea of Black jack is to find the top cards that can provide a sum closest or equal to 21, with no going overboard (bust). It doesn’t matter just what cards the rest get. The Ace is usually a unique case because it may be valued either 1 or 11 depending on what best suits your hands. It is essential that you concentrate on your cards and also the dealer’s card while focusing on making a hand that because biggest advantage for winning. One other you are facing down. Keep in mind, a game is about you and your dealer. Actively playing black jack is strategic and yes it permits you also to turn into analytical and mathematical. However, if your splits a card, it won’t be highly regarded anymore as twenty-one since they will be individual hands currently. Any hand is beaten with a mix of 10 and Ace choice . The player is victorious if his number is closer to 21 compared to the hand of the dealer. Nonetheless, a game of twenty-one is usually a fun and challenging game which gives the pleasure to challenge your house and obtain the opportunity on earning huge.

. It is a biggest house good thing about black jack when you play at internet casinos. However, it the casino dealer and gamblers hands are just 21 or related, then it is considered a push meaning no-one is victorious Read More

2 brothers sentenced in California for running international sports betting ring

Erik Portocarrero was given 22 months. All 18 have now pleaded guilty.

Authorities say the company took millions of dollars in bets from customers throughout California, strong-armed debtors and laundered proceeds.

The two pleaded guilty to racketeering.

Nearly $12 million in assets were seized.

A judge in San Diego sentenced Jan Portocarrero to 18 months on Friday.

SAN DIEGO –  Two brothers who ran an international sports betting ring have been sentenced in California to federal prison.

Prosecutors say the brothers ran an Internet and telephone gambling enterprise called “Macho Sports” for more than a decade from a headquarters in Lima, Peru.

An FBI investigation began in 2011 and led to 18 arrests in Los Angeles, San Diego and Norway, where Erik Portocarrero lived at the time. They also were fined $50,000. Read More

NCAA bans championships in betting states

“As a state, Montana wholeheartedly supports its student athletes.

Congress banned sports betting in 1992 while grandfathering four states _ Delaware, Nevada, Montana and Oregon _ that had already offered it. Tom McGonigle, chief of staff for Delaware Gov. The study included all three NCAA divisions.

The NCAA approved a policy Thursday that would ban states, such as Delaware, from hosting championship events if they allow fans to bet on single games.

In Montana, home of Football Championship Subdivision powerhouse Grizzlies, some feared the school would be barred from hosting postseason games.

In 2001, the governing body prohibited South Carolina and Mississippi from hosting postseason games because those states had Confederate images on the statehouse grounds.. Messages and e-mails were left with several NCAA officials by The Associated Press.

NCAA rules also ban advertising from organizations that promote gambling.

“I applaud the NCAA for coming to a commonsense conclusion that preserves Montana’s right to host playoff and tournament games,” Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock said in a statement. The lawsuit filed by the four major pro sports leagues and the NCAA argues that Delaware’s plan to allow single-game betting would violate the legislation because Delaware has never offered single-game betting before.

Chancellors and presidents from all three NCAA divisions approved the measure, saying it applies to “any session of an NCAA championship,” though it does not apply to states that allow parlay betting, lottery tickets, pull tabs and sports pools.

Some believe college athletes are more susceptible to gamblers because they are prohibited from getting paid for playing.

The move came one day after a federal judge denied a request by professional sports leagues and the NCAA to halt Delaware’s planned sports betting lottery until a legal challenge is resolved.

This is not the first time the NCAA has used its championships to send a message.

There have been several high-profile college scandals, including the famous 1950 point-shaving scandal that involved NCAA men’s basketball champion City College of New York. Along with the NCAA, we remain committed to protecting the integrity of collegiate sports.”

In Delaware, government officials were upset. In May, seven former football and men’s basketball players at the University of Toledo were charged in alleged point-shaving scheme.

Associated Press Writer Amy Beth Hanson in Helena, Mont., contributed to this report.

“Not having gotten its way in court yesterday, it is disappointing that the NCAA would take this retaliatory action,” McGonigle said. Jack Markell, issued a statement late Thursday.

Officially, the NCAA opposes all forms of sports wagering that threaten the integrity of its games or jeopardizes the welfare of student-athletes and the athletic community.

A study completed in 2003 showed 17 of 388 basketball players and 102 of 2,000 football players who were surveyed admitted they had taken money to play poorly, knew a teammate who took money to play poorly, had been threatened or harmed because of sports wagering, were contacted by an outside source to share inside information or provided inside information about a game. So as applied to Delaware, this new policy only serves to punish the very students the NCAA claims to be trying to protect.”


The NCAA’s executive committee made the announcement late Thursday afternoon in a five-paragraph statement. “Importantly, Delaware law prohibits any type of sports betting on any Delaware college game Read More

How To Gamble: Sports Betting

A “plus” (+) preceding the number indicates the team is an underdog.

Because there are so many tracks to choose from, in Las Vegas race books it is usually necessary to identify which track you want when you place your bet. To determine the winner, take Woods’ score and compare with to the best (lowest) score recorded by the three others.

Point spreads change constantly. Several books still offer dime lines.

A favorite must win by 2 runs or more, or the underdog must either:

(a) Win the game.

(b) Must lose by only one run.

The payout varies according to the money line odds assigned to each outcome.


Bet No.TeamLineTotal201Bulls-3 202Lakers 198

Note: The bottom team is always listed as the home team unless otherwise noted.

To bet on boxing, tell the ticket writer the bet number of the boxer you wish to bet and the amount you wish to wager. See whether you can tell them apart.

Boxing matches often feature money line proposition wagers on knockouts, draws, rounds and the duration of the fight. Odds and the number of points available to “tease” vary from casino to casino. A “trifecta” is the first three finishers in exact order; a “trifecta box” is the first three in any order. If you bet the Lakers, any of the following will declare you a winner.

(a) The Lakers win the game.

(b) The Lakers lose the game by not more than 3 points.

Sports books offer bettors the opportunity to wager on the outcome of a season — for example, which team will win the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup or the American League East pennant. This increases the probability of winning your bet but decreases the odds of the parlay. If you bet $125 on the favored Lehman, the payoff would be $100 plus your $125 back, for a total of $225. For example, the Ravens may be 5-1, the Redskins 12-1, the Cardinals 100-1, etc. If the Sharks win, tie or lose by one goal; a $10 bet would win $13 and return $23.

For example, Jeff Gordon may be listed at 4-1, Jeff Burton at 15-1, Casey Atwood at 100-1, etc.

This guide is provided for informational purposes only. And a “Pick Six” calls for picking the winners of six consecutive races, an extremely difficult feat that is usually rewarded with an enormous payout.

The Goal Spread:

Nevada sports books are not permitted to accept wagers on presidential elections, the Academy Awards or the winner of the TV show “Survivor.” Some sports books may post odds on these events as a publicity stunt, but these odds are for amusement only. team. Odds and the number of teams vary from casino to casino. Sports books list each NFL team with corresponding odds to win the Super Bowl. This is not a betting site.

The point spread: When betting on football, the team you bet on must “cover the spread.” This means the team must win or not lose by a predetermined margin of points.

When you make a futures bet, your odds are “locked in.” That means if you bet the Redskins at 12-1, you will get paid off at 12-1 odds, even if the sports book later adjusts the odds (to 6-1, for instance).

Even so, “wacky” proposition bets can sometimes be found in Las Vegas sports books. All teams and/or totals must cover the point spread to win the bet. Simply add the final scores of each team. A “plus” (+) preceding the number indicates an underdog.

You can arrive at the underdog’s price by looking at the favorite’s line. Odds and the number of teams vary from casino to casino. This type of wager is typically found on pro football and major league baseball, and sometimes on pro basketball. The cards are simple to fill out. The following are approximate odds:

Number of teams4 points4.5 points5 points2 teams10-1210-1310-143 teams8.5-57.5-57-54 teams3-15-22-15 teams9-24-17-26 teams7-16-15-17 teams10-19-18-1


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To bet on baseball, tell the ticket writer the bet number of the team you wish to bet and the amount you wish to wager.

Another form of futures betting involves the over/under on the number of games a particular team will win in the regular season. For example, the over/under on Woods’ finishing position may be 3 1/2. This means you cannot even bet on who will win awards such as the Most Valuable Player, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and the like.

Total: Total runs scored in a game. Football Teasers: A wager that improves the point spread, but at reduced odds.

This is called a straight bet. The payout, unless stated otherwise, is figured at odds of 10/11.

For example, a matchup may pit Lehman (minus 125) against Jim Furyk (plus 105). A two-team parlay would become a straight bet.


Bet No.TeamLine101Jets 102Dolphins-6

Note: The bottom team is always listed as the home team unless otherwise noted.

Note: Same rules apply to run line bets as totals.

(a) The game must go nine innings, or 8 1/2 innings if the home team wins.

(b) Both listed pitchers must start the game.

If either doesn’t happen, the bet is refunded.. If you bet $100 on the underdog Labonte, the payoff would be $125 plus your $100 back, for a total of $225.

DriverMoney LineDale Jarrett-145Bobby Labonte+125

Some sports books also post unusual auto racing propositions such as the over/under on the number of cautions in a race, or which car manufacturer (GM, Ford or Dodge) will win the race.


Bet No.TeamLineMoney LineTotal401Sharks+1.5+130 402Red Wings-1.5-1505

Note: The bottom team is always listed as the home team unless otherwise noted.

To bet on hockey, tell the ticket writer the bet number of the team you wish to bet and the amount you wish to wager. It makes no difference which team covers the Read More

Supreme court rejects Delaware sports betting appeal | Reuters

The appeals court ruled in August that Delaware was limited to parlay betting, or gambling on multiple games, and only on National Football League contests. The appeals court ruled that under the federal law Delaware was generally limited to what it offered in 1976.. appeals court that a 1992 federal law prohibits Delaware from offering betting on individual games in all major sports.

(Editing by Eric Beech)

By James Vicini


The law, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, prohibits betting on sports, but exceptions were granted to Delaware, Nevada, Montana and Oregon because they previously operated some forms of sports gambling.

Delaware had expected at least an estimated $17 million in revenues from the sports betting plan in the 2010 fiscal year to help close the state’s budget deficit.

The North American professional leagues for baseball, basketball, football and hockey and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) all argued that Delaware’s sports lottery plan violated the 1992 law.

Attorneys for the professional sports leagues and the NCAA told the Supreme Court the appeal should be rejected. They said the estimated $17 million in sports gambling revenue represented a trivial percentage of the state’s $3.1 billion budget.

In appealing to the Supreme Court, attorneys representing the state argued the appeals court wrongly concluded that Congress had prohibited Delaware from adopting a sports lottery scheme as a way to balance its budget.

WASHINGTON The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a Delaware appeal that argued the state should be allowed to offer a new sports betting lottery to generate revenue to help ease its record budget deficit.

Delaware offered parlay bets on NFL games for a few months in 1976. The state went ahead and now offers such betting on at least three NFL games.

The justices without comment let stand a ruling by a U.S Read More